21st Century Librarian Online Seminar

21st Century Librarians for 21st Century Libraries

It has been said that students of today are learning skills for jobs that currently do not exist. They are also considered to be digital natives; born into a world where electronic global connection is the norm and answers are available at the touch of a button – or swipe of a finger. The challenges for library staff are several: how can we cultivate our own skills to support students; how can we connect and engage with them using tools they recognise; what can we offer to entice them into the library world? The aim of this course is to introduce library staff to a range of methods and tools to help you support students in the world of 21st century technology.

Session 1: The role of the librarian – from curator to collaborator

  • Skills needed for the 21st century – what skills are necessary for the librarian in the 21st century?
  • Libraries in the land of cyber space – using social media to advocate for and promote your library, internet marketing tools.
  • Finding your tribe – connecting and collaborating with others, discovering new content, growing professionally

Session 2: Creating internet citizens – working with digital natives

  • What skills do students need for 21st century learning – developing multi-faceted literacies to ensure school and life successes?
  • Using technology to create engaging learning environments and flexible spaces.
  • Students as creators and students as teachers – creating audio and video content, peer-to-peer interaction.
  • Using digital tools – apps, games and websites

Session 3: From library to learning commons – empowering students to become lifelong learners

  • Beyond books – bringing the outside into the library
  • Using blogs and wikis as participatory spaces
  • Blending the physical and virtual – the library as a hub of learning
  • Creating a culture of collaboration – new ways of working together to enhance student learning

Session 4: Engaging via technology – increasing interaction with students

  • Connecting with students as readers
  • Reaching the reluctant readers and non-engaged students
  • Organising and sharing digital resources
  • Global opportunities – thinking outside the library box

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Tuesday 12 January 2021
09:30AM - 14:00PM
£129.99 + VAT

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