Organic chemistry A level (London)

Students can find Organic Chemistry both bewildering and arbitrary with obscure mechanisms and random facts to remember.


This brand new course will show you how to overcome these difficulties anticipate and address the student misconceptions. You will see activities and resources ready for use the next day in the classroom.


Led by Tim Jolliff, teacher and author of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s book ‘Chemistry for the Gifted & Talented’, this practical training course provides a detailed insight into:


  • Bridging the gap from GCSE
    • 2d to 3d thinking
    • Teaching nomenclature
    • The problems with alkanes
    • Learning the facts
  • Mechanisms –  the heart of Organic chemistry
    • Overcoming student misconceptions
    • Shifting the focus to the electrons
    • Teaching curly arrows
  • Structure determination and problem solving
    • Nmr
    • Problem solving – putting the jigsaw together
  • Teaching for a synoptic overview in chemistry
    • Organic overview
    • Synthesis questions


Course Leader: Tim Jolliff

Tim is a teacher, author and educational consultant and trainer. He gained a 1st class honours from Cambridge University in Natural sciences. He has been an A level chemistry teacher for more than 28 years, he is Head of Thinking and learning at Queens College, Taunton having been Head of Chemistry for many years. For the academic year 2006-2006 he was the Royal Society of Chemistry’s School Teacher Fellow writing Chemistry for the Gifted & Talented. These resources are designed to extend and enrich gifted students in their regular chemistry lessons and were published and distributed to schools in 2007. He has been part of the RSC’s Olympiad selection committee and has continued to produce resources for the Royal society of Chemistry: he conceived and wrote the Gridlock and Problem Solving Tutor resources and more recently he wrote the redox module of the RSC’s online cpd.

Wednesday 22 January 2020
1 day
£259.99 + VAT
Central London

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