An Introduction to Senior Leadership Online Course

The job of leading schools – as with leading any organisation – is complex and nuanced.  To begin with, each leader is different: each leader has a personality and style of his or her own which is the culmination of unique life and work experiences.  Each school and each student is different and requires a personalised approach.  Each situation, too, is different and requires a pinch of pragmatism and common sense, plus a generous helping of humanity.  In short: no problem is the same as the previous one and therefore no solution can be.

So, this course cannot tell you how to deal with every situation you encounter but it can provide you with the tools you need to construct your own leadership style and build an outstanding school.  In this course we will explore what is meant by effective leadership and what school leaders need to do to drive the school improvement process forwards.

Launching 25th March 2021

Part One:

Lesson 1: What do school leaders do?

Lesson 2: What qualities make a great school leader?

Lesson 3: How can school leaders strike a work life balance?

Lesson 4: Why do great school leaders need a vision?

Lesson 5: How can leaders transform a failing school?

Lesson 6: What do ‘outstanding’ schools look like?

Release Date – 25 March 2021

Part Two:

Lesson 1: How can leaders run a successful inspection?

Lesson 2: How can leaders manage change?

Lesson 3: How can leaders manage conflict?

Lesson 4: How can leaders manage teachers’ performance?

Lesson 5: What does effective professional development look like in schools?

Lesson 6: How can school leaders work productively with governors and parents?

Release Date – 23 April 2021

Your trainer:


Matt Bromley is an education writer and advisor with over twenty years’ experience in teaching and leadership including as a secondary school headteacher and principal, FE college vice principal, and MAT director. He also works as a public speaker, trainer, and school improvement lead, and is a primary school governor. Matt writes for various newspapers and magazines, sits on SecEd’s editorial board and co-hosts their podcast. He is the author of numerous best-selling books for teachers and his education blog has been voted one of the UK’s most influential. He regularly speaks at national and international conferences and events, and provides education advice to charities, government agencies, training providers, colleges and multi-academy trusts. He works as a consultant and trainer with several companies and also provides a wide selection of direct-to-market consultancy and training services through his own company, Bromley Education, which he founded in 2012. Matt has worked at senior levels in the public and private sectors and, prior to teaching, was a senior manager in the telecoms industry. He began his working life in newspaper journalism. He has an Honours degree in English Language and Literature, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and the National Professional Qualification for Headship, as well as several professional qualifications.

Thursday 25 March 2021
Continuous course
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