Asthma and Allergy Management Seminar

Asthma and Allergy in School Age Children

This seminar is aimed at any professional who comes into contact with children who have asthma and or allergies.

There will be an in-depth overview of asthma and food as well as aeroallergen allergy. The current recommendations for the treatment of both conditions will be addressed and the challenges staff face managing these children in school discussed. There will be a practical demonstration of inhalers and adrenaline auto-injectors and the opportunity to go through real scenarios and cases.

Attendees will increase their knowledge and confidence in managing these conditions and be able to support staff in schools as well as children safely and effectively.

The sessions that will be covered:

Session 1 -Asthma
• Overview of asthma management and current guidelines
• The future of asthma management

Session 2 – Allergy
• Food and aeroallergen allergy
• Management of mild and severe allergic reactions

 Session 3 – Asthma and Allergies in school
• Issues for managing asthma and allergies in school and the resources that are available
• Current issues facing school staff

Session 4 – Practical session and Group Work
• Inhaler technique and adrenaline devices
• Case Studies and scenarios
• Questions and Answers

Friday 6 November 2020