In-House training - Electrical Awareness

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Electrical Awareness for School/ Academy Site Staff – practical training

This course aims to develop basic electrical awareness skills for site staff in schools.

Over the course of the day, delegates will have access to a moveable wall board.  This will provide delegates with the opportunity to work on common electrical repairs regularly encountered – including basic and fault protection, disconnecting devices, calculating appropriate device ratings, confirming earthing arrangements and replacing lamps and fittings.

In addition, all relevant Health & Safety regulations will be covered.

• Improve the practical skills of your staff
• Save the organisation money on call-out charges for Electricians
• Clarify the repairs that can be done in-house and those which require a professional
• Increase your staff’s understanding of common electrical related problems on the site
• Increase capacity to react quickly to on-site situation

Please note: For practical purposes, the maximum number of staff that can be trained at any one time is 10-20.

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