Independent School Bursar and Business Manager Conference

What is the role of the bursar/business manager in independent schools today?

The role of the bursar/business manager has shifted in recent years from an administrative function into one with strategic and leadership responsibilities. With a remit across finance, operations, income generation, strategic planning, staff management and much more – how can you best manage such a complex and demanding role?

Our Independent School Bursar and Business Manager Conference is here to help!

The conference will provide best practice advice and specialist guidance for successfully managing your school – looking at the key aspects of your role and helping you to efficiently deliver a range of services and support your school’s educational aims.

Attendees will assess how the function has changed over recent years, and examine key challenges faced by the independent sector – including affordability, competitiveness and market consolidation.

They will also explore the outlook for future development of the bursar and business manager – particularly in terms of strategic decision-making and improving the commercial performance of your school setting.


What’s on the agenda?

  • Examining the 21st Century Bursar/ Business Manager
  • Best practice strategic management of school finances
  • Generating income and establishing a strong commercial strategy
  • Strategic leadership and supporting school improvement
  • Excellent staff management – including welfare and wellbeing support

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Tuesday 29 September 2020
£279.99 + VAT
Central London