Major Changes in 6th Form Curriculum and Funding

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Ensure that your school’s action plan for compliance is watertight

The government has implemented significant changes in funding and curriculum design, which have directly affected every post 16 provider, including schools and academies. These changes, coupled with the Study Programme curriculum principles, are designed to implement the recommendations of Wolf.

This course fully equips staff to develop effective procedures to optimise the curriculum and funding opportunities and also offers worked examples of how to develop the curriculum offer to meet learner needs whilst providing value-for-money, fully rounded Study Programmes.

• Ensuring curriculum design complies with Study Programme principles
• Avoiding costly errors in funding calculations
• How learning hours are calculated for 2017-18 plus projections for 2018-19
• Optimising your organisation’s income by using the latest funding methodology and rules
• How to engage in apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience opportunities
• Key audit and quality processes for post 16 provision
• Essential information for Senior Teachers and School Business Managers

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