Managing Conflict in Special Schools & PRUs

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Managing Conflict in Special Schools & PRUs: Working effectively with challenging behaviour to successfully manage conflict in the school setting.

Dealing with extreme behaviour is a daily challenge for many staff in Special Schools and Pupil Referral Units. This one day training course examines the underlying causes for these behavioural issues and will provide delegates with practical strategies, not only to overcome negative behaviour, but also  motivate students to participate positively.

This course is for staff members wishing to enhance their skills in managing difficult and volatile situations and will be of particular interest to Heads of Year, Pastoral Leaders and Behaviour Coordinators, as well as Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Lecturers. It will enable delegates to:

• Specifically identify behaviour which they wish to promote or minimise
• Pinpoint elements in their own practice which promote positive behaviour
• Apply a range of escalation/calming techniques in dealing with crises
• Articulate a variety of strategies to proactively promote positive behaviour
• Utilise an analytical approach to understanding/promoting behaviour
• Detail examples of good practice by colleagues within their setting and examples of good practice from beyond their setting
• Produce an Action Plan to further develop their good practice.

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