Storing Medicines – Ensuring legal compliance and minimising risk Online Seminar

Online half-day seminar

All medicines have specific requirements and should be stored in a way that means they are safe and will be effective when administered, reducing any potential risk of poisonous accidents.

 Join us on the 24th September 2020 as we discuss best practice on how to store medicines and ensure legal compliance.

What you can expect to learn during this seminar?

Session 1
Complying with the latest legislation
• Setting the scene – classification of medicines
• Overview of the legislation relevant to your role
• Relating your practice to the National Minimum Standards
• Establishing who is responsible for what
• Ensuring patient safety at all times

Session 2
 Medicines – understanding and fulfilling your responsibilities
• Correct storage and administration of medicines
• Understanding the issues surrounding:
• self-administration
• adverse drug reactions
• controlled drugs
• school trips
• transferring to another setting
• Delivering effective staff training

Session 3
 Getting up to date with the latest issues affecting your role
• Immunisations in schools
• Vaccinations – the latest update
• Dealing effectively with an infectious outbreak
• New advice on using adrenalin pens

Thursday 24 September 2020
95.99 + VAT