Supporting Students with Eating Disorders and those who Self-Harm

Essential knowledge & skills for Senior Teachers, Pastoral Staff, School Nurses and Counsellors

This course provides colleagues with a clear overview of the essential introductory knowledge, skills and strategies to enable them to provide up-to-date support within education settings for students with eating disorders and those who self-harm. The course is led by Zoe Dale, a nationally acknowledged Child and Adolescent Mental Health consultant trainer, who has over 25 years’ experience of work within CAMHS.

The day will focus on:

•    How to understand and assess the triggers and risk factors surrounding eating disorders and self-harm
•    Successfully managing disclosure and thresholds for referral
•    Understanding the mental health issues faced by LGBTQ students
•    Strategies to support intervention and prevention within the school
•    Listening to young people with mental health issues to understand what really helps
•    Dealing effectively with issues of confidentiality and conflicts of interest
•    Offering the most effective ongoing support to your students
•    Overview of the latest research and best practice relating to eating disorders and self-harm
•    Keeping up-to-speed – key ways to access current information

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Thursday 24 January 2019
One day
£259.99 + VAT
Central London