The Independent School SENCO Conference 2020


As you know, the role of the Independent School SENCO is not like a mainstream SENCO. There is often a different inspection service and it’s not always obvious what legal SEND regulations have to be adhered to.



This brand-new conference has been designed by four field experts Sam Garner – who already runs our popular Independent SENCO courses – & Natalie Packer – a well known SEN expert and published author and Neil Grant who has worked as a regulatory lawyer in the health and social care sector for over twenty-five years.
This conference addresses the unique issues that arise as well as looking at best & innovative practices to support SEN students.

We will also have the honour of welcoming  Malcolm Reeve, a SEND specialist – National Leader of Education and Chair of Programme Board for Whole School SEND – who will present the final session and answer all of your Inspection inquiries!

Get your questions answered by our expert trainers!

  1. Current Legislation
    • SEND and the law: key legislation and guidance
    • Understanding SEND Code of Practice
    • Policy proposals and future priorities
  2. Ensuring value for money from your SEN provision
    • Defining SEN in an Independent School
    • Flexible approaches to funding: understanding the options
    • Costing provision and value for money: working with your business manager
    • Interventions best practice: delivering high-impact outcomes
  3. Assistive Technology Innovations
    • How Assistive Technology can benefit SEN students
    • What technology is available and how to keep up to date
    • Implementing Assisting Technology to ensure maximum effect
  4. Working with parents
    • The challenges of working with Parents
    • Understanding parental pressures & the effect on students
    • Developing positive relationships with parents
    • How to communicate effectively with parents
  5. Get ready for inspection
    • How is SEND provision inspected?
    • Top tips for preparing for inspection
    • Effectively managing the inspection process
    • Putting in place improvement plans post-inspection


Our confirmed Speakers

Malcolm Reeve:

Malcolm is a National Leader of Education and Chair of Programme Board for Whole School SEND.
Author of several articles including the very interesting “Is OFSTED a “force for good” in improving the education of SEND learners?”, he is a former Executive Director for SEND & Inclusion at Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) – the UK’s largest academy chain and now runs his own education consultancy, Firmament Education.
He’s worked in the field of SEND for over 30 years and in that time has worked in adult provision, mainstream schools and special schools. He has worked in with children throughout the age range and with learning difficulties ranging from moderate to profound.
Malcolm has been a Headteacher of three schools and one federation. He is a Member of the National SEND Forum and Patron of the Centre Algarve holiday centre for people with special needs.


Samantha Garner:

Our SEN and Mental Health expert that is already well known for her independent SENCo courses. She has been involved in education for over 15 years. She has been a SENCO and Examinations Officer in a large secondary school of approximately 2000 students. Sam has also been a regular presenter at national international training events for SENCOs and exams officers, as well as conducting individual training with SENCOs. She is also working towards improving mental health support in schools.


Natalie Packer:

Being a published author (The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN), an Associate Consultant for NASEN, a consultant for the Whole School SEND (WSS)…
Natalie’s expertise is unquestionable.
She has always had a particular passion for ensuring children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities succeed.


Neil Grant:

Neil has worked as a regulatory lawyer in the health and social care sector for over twenty-five years, developing a national reputation in dealing with complex large-scale enquiries often involving multiple agencies such as the Care Quality Commission, local authorities and the police. Neil’s approach is both strategic and evidence based, aimed at resolving and improving matters in the interests of all parties involved.



Claro Software
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ClamSci is a non-profit educational charity who supports young people and adult learners, through a range of bespoke hands-on STEM activities, pastoral and advice sessions. GlamSci targets 6 different disadvantaged groups, including young women, working class young men, the LGBT+ community, the SEN and additional needs learners, the BAME community and those with a history of gang culture, attempting to change the perception of what a scientist and STEM professional is, and creating practical routes for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to become involved in STEM.





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Friday 24 January 2020
One day
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