The Indispensable Habits of Effective Teachers - London

This course is designed to be highly pragmatic and down-to-earth in nature and will avoid being overly-theoretical or didactic.


In the best traditions of dynamic learning, ‘chalk and talk’ will be minimal, and opportunities to be creative and to work on real-world / real-classroom issues will be fostered.


All of the examples and models that illustrate the key components in this course are drawn from direct classroom experiences, where they have been tried and tested by real pupils in real schools.

Consideration will be given to the following aspects of effective teaching and classroom practice, as a recipe for success.

The day will focus on:

  1. The presentation of the professional-self: It ain’t what you say – it’s the way that you say it
  2. The structure of learning: Shaping up
  3. The psychology of learning: It’s all in their minds
  4. The big three: behaviour /differentiation/assessment
  5. Next steps: Preparing for promotion and the professional interview

About Your Trainer:

Paul Monaghan has 36 years’ experience in secondary schools, including 20 in Senior Leadership, and 12 as a Vice-Principal in two new-build academies. Responsible for NQT training and CPD at a large academy in Bristol, he developed an innovative course entitled: ‘The Teacher as Performer’. He currently works for Warwick University as a personal tutor, mentor and moderator for the ‘Centre for Teacher Education.’

Over the past four years he has guided over 60 post-graduate trainees successfully into their first NQT appointments.

Across 180 lesson observations of his PGCE students, Paul has identified a number of recurring themes and challenges which, once mastered, seem to liberate both teacher and pupils, allowing them to flourish as learners and facilitators.

Thursday 23 January 2020
1 day
£259.99 + VAT
Central London

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