Your Role as a Teaching Assistant: Supporting Pupils with SEND

Online Workshop  

Wednesday 5th August 2020, 9:30am – 12:30pm

Led by Natalie Packer, this practical online workshop has been designed specifically to provide Teaching Assistants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to support pupils with SEND.

The workshop is suitable for colleagues in primary or secondary mainstream schools who are new to working with pupils with a range of needs, or who would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of SEND further.

What you can expect to learn during this online workshop:

  1. Develop an understanding of what is meant by SEND
  2. Find out about some of the barriers to learning for pupils with SEND
  3. Understand why effective support is important for pupils with SEND
  4. Explore what we mean by inclusive high quality teaching (HQT)
  5. Share practical ideas for supporting pupils with SEND in an inclusive class

The session will include:

  • Information about SEND legislation and the SEND Code of Practice
  • Exploration of different types of additional needs
  • Research into the effective deployment of Teaching Assistants
  • The role of Teaching Assistants in class to support independence
  • What is inclusive High Quality Teaching (HQT)
  • Effective partnership working with teachers
  • How Teaching Assistants can effectively implement interventions
  • Useful practical strategies, tools and resources for supporting pupils with SEND

Wednesday 5 August 2020