In-house social media training

In-house training is a more popular form of delivery than ever before, and we are gearing ourselves up for several bookings during the INSET period in August and September.

While we can bring our entire range of training courses to you, we can also create something completely bespoke, researched and tailored to meet your exact needs. With the same high quality presenters and training materials as you would expect when attending one of our public events, this offers you the flexibility to hold the training on home turf, enabling more staff to attend and cutting the cost of sending individuals on courses.

One area in which schools increasingly need support, is social media. There isn’t a member of staff who, when faced with introducing social media, didn’t worry about the time it would take, the expertise it would require, and above all, the safety implications for the school, its pupils and its staff.

Our experienced trainer Lisa has the perfect antidote for this; a full or half day session covering everything you need to know, from identifying the most appropriate social media platforms for your school, to minimising the risks associated with social media marketing and learning the best techniques to raise profile, engage with key audiences and generate new enquiries and enrolments.

Feedback from her training is consistently excellent:

“A very comprehensive and stimulating presentation on social media, and the notes and tips she provided have become a bible of use.”

“Her experience and advice was extremely valuable and has made a great addition to boost all our promotional ideas.”

“The whole day was excellent and well put together. Lisa conducted the course seamlessly and covered a wide range of topics and managed to cover the needs and questions of all those in attendance regardless of the level they were already at.”

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